Opinion: PSNI ‘seizure’ of UVF memorabilia is convenient politicking 

Today’s announcement of a large scale PSNI operation against individuals that are alleged to be involved in the ‘North Belfast UVF’ comes as the Red Hand Commando made an application to be de-proscribed.  This application will, of course, be a matter primarily for the Northern Ireland Office and the Secretary of State, not the Home […]

Opinion: SF demands aren’t ‘rights’- they are wrongs 

   Sinn Fein have continually sought to justify wielding their mandatory veto to demolish the Northern Ireland Executive by claiming they are doing so because of “rights based issues”.  If we go back in time Sinn Fein claimed they were bringing the house on the hill down over RHI and the refusal of Arlene Foster […]

OPINION: Why would anyone support failure over and over again? By Cllr Andrew Girvin

Why would anyone support failure over and over again?  Our health service is in melt down, there is a serious lack of housing with some unable to find any home while in other cases large families are squashed into one bedroom apartments and the Education and Skills Authority is having to make drastic cuts, our […]

OPINION: ‘Collusion’ allegations all about re-writing the past

There is an increasingly fast paced effort to push the republican narrative of collusion. With operation Kenova investigating agents operating within the highest echelons of the IRA, Sinn Fein’s arms-length campaigners are devoting vast amounts of energy to pursuing fictitious collusion allegations. The purpose behind this is two-fold, firstly to divert from awkward questions stemming […]

EDITORIAL: Unionism fighting back in the cultural war, and republicanism do not like it one bit

This morning the story of the ghoulish terror video of children being indoctrinated with profanity-laden IRA songs was covered by the mainstream media in the form of U105. This is a positive example of how Unionist Voice and grassroots activism can highlight relevant issues. For quite some time loyalism has been an easy target for mainstream […]

EDITORIAL: Linguistic Warfare – The modern weapon of the republican movement

EDITORIAL: Linguistic Warfare – The modern weapon of the republican movement

By Jamie Bryson @JamieBrysonCPNI In recent months I have tried to raise awareness of a new phrase in the political lexicon- linguistic warfare. But what does it mean? Words are important in Northern Ireland, because they control the political narrative and therefore influence events and public opinion. That is why Sinn Fein have invested so […]

OPINION: Community Worker Pete Wray argues for a more inclusive Unionism

Pete Wray is a community development and youth worker. He previously stood as a candidate for NI21 and served on their party executive. Pete is passionate about promoting a more liberal and inclusive Unionism in order to make the United Kingdom more attractive for all sections of the community in Northern Ireland. I am Northern […]

OPINION: Precarious Position for Women’s Frontline Services- by Alison Blayney

Alison Blayney is the director of Kilcooley Women’s Centre and a member of the North Down and Ards Policing and Community Safety Partnership. With over 25 years experience in community development and women’s education, Alison has sat on numerous boards and worked in partnership with all statutory agencies. www.KilcooleyWomensCentre.co.uk   Almost 8 months from the collapse […]

OPINION: TUV Councillor Stephen Cooper on why he believes Brexit is unsettling Nationalists

The real Brexit fear Stephen Cooper is a TUV Councillor representing Comber DEA. He is an opponent of the Belfast Agreement which he describes as an “appeasement process” and he formerly worked for Robert McCartney QC.     The response from Unionism to the recent report on Brexit from the Republic’s Senate has been mediocre […]

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