June 13, 2024

Law and Policy Studies

Unionist Voice Policy Studies is a constituted organisation which has the following objectives:

The group is established to (i) promote the constitutional position of Northern Ireland as a full and integral part of the United Kingdom in line with the Acts of Union 1880; (ii) advocate for the interests of the Unionist/Loyalist community in Northern Ireland with specific focus on the areas of Media, Law and Public Policy

You can download our recent publications and those we have commissioned in PDF format by clicking on the links below.

UVPS NI Affairs Committee

UVPS- Northern Ireland Protocol Report 7 June 2021

NI Protocol Opinion 12 May 2021

Loyalism and the Media Report [2020] – by JWB Consultancy

Analysis of UK Government Protocol Command Paper [July 2021]

UVPS Cultural Report 9 July 2021

Lecture on the ‘peace process’ 16 August 2021 PDF


Protocol Supplementary Report 26 January 2022 UVPS


UVPS Briefing Note- Proposed Protocol legislation

Briefing Note- NI Protocol May 22

Analysis paper- NI Protocol Bill 2022

Conclusions on Protocol Bill 27 June 2022

Protocol Bill- overview of stages 15 July 22

NI Protocol Bill – Amendments 2 August 2022

Power Sharing or Protocol – Three Phases of Action 7 September 2

Oireachtas Submission Unionist Voice Policy Studies 2 Aug 22

Loyalism and Media 2023 report final

Constitutional balance 28 September 2023

Unionist Voice Policy Studies- Windsor Framework

Centre for the Union- Restoring NI to the Union 2023

Centre for the Union- Preliminary briefing paper Allister UKSC (Protocol case)

UVPS Standing Firm Report 21 Nov 23

The NI Protocol impact on the Rwanda Bill- UVPS briefing note

The Protocol- some recent myths and some enduring realities 03 January 2024

Undermining the Union- analysis of the DUP deal 31 January 2024

OPINION on the Windsor Framework- Steven Barrett BL

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