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The big challenge for Unionism: Fighting back within the social media kingdom of the liberal elite

By Jamie Bryson @JamieBrysonCPNI In Northern Ireland social media is saturated and completely dominated by so-called progressives and pro-EU activists. Given nationalism has hitched its wagon to social causes which identify with that broadly progressive/liberal movement and the attempts to stop Brexit, this gives as a social media sphere largely dominated by progressives and nationalists. […]

NEWS: EBCI blasts prejudicial and malicious article linking loyalists to Dublin crime gangs

  The East Belfast Community Initiative (EBCI) have released a statement in response to an article carried in today’s Sunday Life which made a range of baseless allegations about east Belfast loyalists and alleged criminal links to Dublin-based crime gangs. A spokesperson for EBCI told Unionist Voice: “Today’s article in the Sunday Life was the […]

NEWS: Highfield Rangers Supporters Club respond to “false and malicious” allegations printed by Sunday Life

The Highfield Rangers supporters club have reacted furiously to what they have branded a “false and malicious” article carried in today’s (07/04/19) edition of the Sunday Life. The publication carried a range of anonymous allegations pertaining to their well run and respected social club. These allegations largely appeared to be directed towards two well-known loyalists […]

EXCLUSIVE: Over £30,000 of Fresh Start funding earmarked to help women affected by paramilitarism is being used to fund a lavish trip to New York

The tax payer has been subjected to a relentless media campaign of adverts and press releases about tackling paramilitarism. Most people probably thought this was all about tackling organised crime, helping victims and making communities safer. The tackling paramilitarism programme originated in the Fresh Start agreement of November 2015 where it set out the Executive’s […]

FORGOTTEN VICTIMS: Is it ‘Time for Truth’ from Sinn Fein for the family of Ambulance worker Robert Shields, murdered by IRA terrorists in 1980

Unionist Voice is currently working on a small pamphlet highlighting the murder of Robert Shields. In the interim period, as part of our ‘Forgotten Victims’ series, we have decided to highlight Robert’s murder and the positive role he played serving the community during some of the darkest days of the IRA’s terrorist campaign. Robert was […]

EXCLUSIVE: Legal battle with Local Government Commissioner over a case involving notorious IRA boss revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Legal battle with Local Government Commissioner over a case involving notorious IRA boss revealed

By Jamie Bryson Alderman Ruth Patterson is being hauled before the Local Government Commissioner on the basis of a factual and accurate speech which highlighted the fact Crumlin Star FC had on their committee a senior IRA terrorist. Despite not naming the aforementioned terror boss, Eddie Copeland self-identified himself as the person to which the […]

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