OPINION: Loyalists need to start writing their own history

OPINION: Loyalists need to start writing their own history

You only need to step into any bookstore and glance at the section reserved for Irish history, or politics. At a reasonably conservative estimate I would guess that 85% of the books in relation to Northern Ireland are written by, or are about, the republican movement. If we break it down further into books written […]

Why Unionism should reject the monstrous UK-EU deal 

Why Unionism should reject the monstrous UK-EU deal 

By Jamie Bryson This morning’s agreement between the United Kingdom Government and the European Union negotiators is a monstrous deal that not only strengthens the failed Belfast Agreement, but opens the door to an economic United Ireland. Here is why; [1] At paragraph 42 the UK Government and EU negotiators affirm that the “achievements, benefits […]

Lady Hermon’s despicable attack on Unionism should see her ousted by the people of North Down

Many unionists in North Down will have been appalled at the increasingly overt attempts by the local MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon, to subvert the will of the British people in relation to Brexit. Lady Hermon, like many remain MPs, cloaked these attempts in palatable language, however there is no doubt that the member for North […]

Who would take us back? – Time to unplug the concession meter and ignore Sinn Féin’s empty threats 

The IRA’s political wing, Sinn Fein, have continued to increase their rhetoric and whip up Brexit tension, in order to bully and threaten their way to ‘special status’.     The recent threats of ‘civil disobedience’ by Sinn Fein are a new variation of the armalite and ballot box strategy. Dire warnings have been issued about […]

OPINION: Former UDR Soldiers could be left vulnerable on the rocky road to an IRA amnesty 

The well meaning, and entirely honourable, attempt to protect British soldiers from the relentless witch hunt being perpetrated against them, by the Public Prosecution Service and PSNI, could inadvertently leave former members of the RUC and UDR exposed.     Recommendations put forward by the Westminster Defence Select Committee made clear that any initial statute would […]

OPINION: Why the NI Act 1998 should be repealed and the Belfast Agreement torn up

By Jamie Bryson In a recent social media debate with Queens University lecturer and Alliance Party member Duncan Morrow, which was respectful and dignified, a dispute arose over the Belfast Agreement and whether it could be overridden. I argued that it could, and indeed should, and Mr Morrow argued that it would be in breach […]

Response to Ivan Little’s article which was a lesson in ‘talking balls’

By Jamie Bryson In response to comments published by Ivan Little in the Sunday Life on 19 November 2017. In yesterday’s Sunday Life Ivan Little devoted a small section of his column to advising readers that when it came to my public contributions on the debate around Sinn Fein calls for an all-Ireland football team, […]

Opinion: Republican agenda being progressed via legacy litigation and trial by the media 

By Jamie Bryson    It was George Orwell that said “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Never has there been a more succinct explanation for the current legacy battle raging within our political institutions (or lack of), the media and our legal system.   Sinn Fein’s narrative […]

OPINION: Time to put the appeasement process out of its misery- By Cllr Stephen Cooper 

By TUV Councillor Stephen Cooper  Never in my lifetime have the electorate been so utterly disillusioned with politics in Northern Ireland.    As each deadline passes, the desperation of the Secretary of State is becoming an embarrassment; both to the government and indeed, himself.The undignified attempts at trying to resuscitate the dysfunctional structures at Stormont have failed, […]

OPINION: Why the PSNI should display the Poppy on their land rovers 

By Jamie Bryson     Some may recall the recent controversy over the PSNI’s participation in gay pride, and the associated decorating of their land rovers to promote the event.  I was one of those that opposed such meddling in politics, yet the PSNI justified their participation by saying that gay pride was an inclusive event […]