Response to Ivan Little’s article which was a lesson in ‘talking balls’

By Jamie Bryson In response to comments published by Ivan Little in the Sunday Life on 19 November 2017. In yesterday’s Sunday Life Ivan Little devoted a small section of his column to advising readers that when it came to my public contributions on the debate around Sinn Fein calls for an all-Ireland football team, […]

Opinion: Republican agenda being progressed via legacy litigation and trial by the media 

By Jamie Bryson    It was George Orwell that said “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Never has there been a more succinct explanation for the current legacy battle raging within our political institutions (or lack of), the media and our legal system.   Sinn Fein’s narrative […]

OPINION: Time to put the appeasement process out of its misery- By Cllr Stephen Cooper 

By TUV Councillor Stephen Cooper  Never in my lifetime have the electorate been so utterly disillusioned with politics in Northern Ireland.    As each deadline passes, the desperation of the Secretary of State is becoming an embarrassment; both to the government and indeed, himself.The undignified attempts at trying to resuscitate the dysfunctional structures at Stormont have failed, […]

OPINION: Why the PSNI should display the Poppy on their land rovers 

By Jamie Bryson     Some may recall the recent controversy over the PSNI’s participation in gay pride, and the associated decorating of their land rovers to promote the event.  I was one of those that opposed such meddling in politics, yet the PSNI justified their participation by saying that gay pride was an inclusive event […]

ANALYSIS: Unionism should cautiously welcome and build upon Varadkar  comments 

By Edward Maxwell  The intervention by Leo Varadkar, scheduled to be broadcast tonight on BBC Spotlight, is highly significant and is one that Unionism should cautiously embrace.     It is, of course, important to dig a little deeper into the remarks and question whether this is an off the cuff remark, or a Irish Government […]

OPINION: Why criminalising loyalism is designed to a serve political purpose

Why criminalising loyalism is designed to serve a political purpose By Jamie Bryson When Tony Blair said “I will deal with republicans, the Chief Constable will deal with the loyalists” it wasn’t just a flippant remark, but rather a Government policy that prevails until this very day. It is not just a policy pursued by […]

OPINION: Pan-nationalist hate campaign being waged against Unionism in South Belfast

The recent controversy in south/east Belfast has once again highlighted the overtly political agenda driving the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition’s attacks on Unionism in that area. South Belfast is one of the most hotly contested Westminster seats and on this occasion it was won by a Unionist, Emma Little-Pengelly. Sinn Fein, the SDLP and Alliance see […]

Pastor Mark ‘Tatty’ Gordon sermon on Paramilitary organisations- should they go away?

This is a sermon delivered by Pastor Mark ‘Tatty’ Gordon on the subject of paramilitarism. The sermon can also be listened to here http://www.shilohchristianfellowship.co.uk/media/uploads/Paramilitaries.mp3   1 Timothy 2v1-4 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and […]

OPINION: Schoolteacher Moore Holmes writes why he opposes an Irish Language Act

By Moore Holmes Irish language is under the spotlight as the central issue which determines whether Stormont now stands or falls. Stands or falls is a little misleading mind you, considering that Stormont fell in January and eight months on is still no closer to a resurrection. What supposedly stands in its way is a […]

Sinn Fein’s cosy relationships with armed dissident organisations and their community surrogates must end 

On Monday night once again republican gunmen took to the streets in North Belfast, wounding a 30 year old man in what has been described as a punishment shooting.    Restorative Justice groups which claim to mediate with dissident republican terror groups have been awarded substantial financial assistance from a number of funding outlets, including […]