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Ballynafeigh Apprentice Boys FB respond to the SDLP’s sectarian targeting  of their club 

Ballynafeigh Apprentice Boys FB respond to the SDLP’s sectarian targeting  of their club 

After a barrage of negative publicity contrived by the SDLP, for purely political and sectarian purposes, the Ballynafeigh Apprentice Boys Flute Band Club have released a statement on social media. The club has been relentlessly attacked in the media after the SDLP, who supported the naming of a playpark after an IRA terrorist, sought to […]

What happened? Why Unionism said no to the ‘deal’

What happened? Why Unionism said no to the ‘deal’

There has been much information, and misinformation, circulated within the past number of days. We at Unionist Voice feel it is appropriate to provide an outline, from our understanding, of the chronology of the deal unfolding, and who knew what. It should be pointed out that this website was the first to raise the alarm […]

Unionists urged to speak out against rumoured DUP surrender 

Rumours have grown today that the DUP are on the verge of a humiliating surrender to Sinn Fein demands, in order to get back into Stormont and Save their salary. Unionism voted in their droves, with many lending their vote to the DUP, to give Arlene Foster a strong mandate NOT to provide anymore concessions […]

NEWS: Campaign launched to encourage reporting of PSNI harassment of the loyalist community

NEWS: Campaign launched to encourage reporting of PSNI harassment of the loyalist community

There is growing anger amongst the loyalist community due to a huge increase in police harassment, and targeted stop and search operations, for which the PSNI have on many occasions been unable to provide the correct paperwork or explain the appropriate legislation. After a plethora of republican shootings and criminality, the PSNI have encamped themselves […]

NEWS: Partisan nature of Paramilitary Crime Task Force revealed

By Andrew Smyth The introductory purpose of the Paramilitary Crime Task Force, outlined in a statement carried on the National Crime Agency (NCA) website on 27 September 2017, outlines their objective as follows; “A multi-agency taskforce has been set up in Northern Ireland to protect communities by tackling all forms of criminality linked to paramilitarism. […]

Lady Hermon’s despicable attack on Unionism should see her ousted by the people of North Down

Many unionists in North Down will have been appalled at the increasingly overt attempts by the local MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon, to subvert the will of the British people in relation to Brexit. Lady Hermon, like many remain MPs, cloaked these attempts in palatable language, however there is no doubt that the member for North […]

NEWS: PSNI secret media and political briefings over Cantrell Close revealed

Unionist Voice can today expose the secret PSNI briefings that created and perpetuated the allegations of threats being issued by the UVF to families in Cantrell close. A Freedom of Information request has revealed there was seven briefings provided to politicians and one authorised media briefing. At the time of the incident the East Belfast […]

EXCLUSIVE: Shooting for Funding- How republican front groups are being rewarded for punishment shootings

Unionist Voice has investigated a ‘shooting for funding’ cycle that has seen vast amounts of public money poured into dissident republican front groups in a vain attempt to financially induce them to stop shooting people. In the past 10 years dissident republicans have been responsible for 91% of punishment shootings, with the majority carried out […]

NEWS: Twitter campaign to highlight the victims of Sinn Fein/IRA goes viral 

A co-ordinated twitter campaign by IRA victims led to the hash tag #ItWasntAWar going viral on Saturday.     During former IRA leader Gerry Adams’ Sinn Fein address, thousands of tweets went out listing names of IRA victims with a special emphasis on women and children that have been murdered by the republican movement under the […]

#SUAS series- SF MLA Conor Murphy discriminates against a Protestant 

For today’s ‘Stand Up Against Sectarianism Campaign’ – #SUAS- Unionist Voice is focusing on the discrimination against Protestants by senior Sinn Fein member Conor Murphy during his time as an Executive Minister.  Murphy is pictured here with sectarian IRA serial killer Sean ‘the Surgeon’ Hughes.         The case was brought by Alan Lennon […]