Prominent Pat Finucane centre employee and IRA child killer alleged to have an OTR letter

It has been alleged that an IRA child killer and employee of the republican Pat Finucane centre, is a recipient of an OTR letter.


IRA terrorist Paul O’Connor is suspected of involvement in the 1971 murder of a 16 year old Catholic child, James O’Hagan. 

Two of the three participants in the murder were later convicted, with the third- believed to be Paul O’Connor- escaping to Donegal and only returning after the Belfast Agreement and the issuing of OTR letters to IRA terrorists. 

It is understood that O’Connor’s prints were found on the gun used in the reprehensible attack. 

The Pat Finucane centre have consistently championed ‘human rights’ and ‘justice’, yet one of their employees is allegedly a child killer in receipt of an OTR amnesty letter. 

The OTR letters were issued after Sinn Fein employed former Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory to represent IRA terrorists on the secret scheme that had been brought to life following a sordid deal between the IRA and Tony Blair’s now discredited ‘New Labour’ Government. 

The Pat Finucane centre, like Relatives for Justice, are widely thought to be republican front groups, used to agitate on legacy matters and advance a pro-republican narrative of the past. 

Only recently Relatives for Justice posted an advertisement on their twitter page inviting their followers to attend a glorification of a deceased IRA killer. 

It is further understood that convicted killer and former Sinn Fein MLA Paul Butler is a researcher for Relatives for Justice. 

It is unclear whether Relatives for Justice believe that the relatives of those murdered by the IRA deserve justice, or whether, as many suspect, their quest for justice is driven by a purely political agenda. 

The allegation that such a prominent republican justice campaigner is an alleged child killer, in receipt of an OTR letter, raises serious questions for the Pat Finucane centre. 

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