NEWS: Pro-IRA songs at taxpayer funded West Belfast festival 

The taxpayer funded West Belfast festival has once again caused outrage amongst Unionists after the final night performance included chants of “oh ah up the Ra”. 


The chants glorified the proscribed Irish Republican Army, which an independent report in 2015 found remained armed and in existence. 

Despite being vocal on Unionist bonfires, the Alliance party, Sinn Fein and the SDLP have remained silent in relation to the pro-terror chanting at the taxpayer funded festival. 

In recent days convicted IRA bomber Gerry Kelly has called for Nationalist parties to unite in pursuit of Irish unity. 

It would seem that this pan-Nationalist coalition is already in existence given that the SDLP and Alliance party regularly vote alongside Sinn Fein on all major social and cultural issues- including the targeting of all aspects of Unionist cultural expression. 

Republican festivals have caused controversy in recent years when another band performing indulged in numerous pro-terror chants alongside vile abuse of British soldiers. 

The band was not prosecuted for this hate crime. The Director of Public Prosecutions has previously taken part in talks at the festival and is known to have acted for almost all of the IRA’s most senior members during the conflict.

It is unclear whether any taxpayer’s money was used specifically to pay for Sunday nights terror fest which included the pro-terror chants that can be heard HERE

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