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UPDATED: List of those who have designated themselves as ‘Nationalist’ within their profession 

UPDATED: List of those who have designated themselves as ‘Nationalist’ within their profession 

After collapsing Stormont and refusing to take their seats in Westminster, Sinn Fein have left their supporters voiceless during the Brexit negotiations. Instead they have had to resort to white line protests and sending a letter to the Irish Prime Minister. We have often heard SF and nationalism make the argument that Brexit affects us […]

EXCLUSIVE: The IRA peace time arms deal that lead to the attempted murder of a Spanish Goverment President 

Unionist Voice can exclusively reveal that OTR recipient Eibhlin Glenholmes has been identified as a key player in an international arms deal with Spanish terror organisation, ETA. The weapons were later used in the attempted murder of the then Spanish Government President.  Crucially the international arms deal took place in 1999, only a year before […]

NEWS: PSNI secret media and political briefings over Cantrell Close revealed

Unionist Voice can today expose the secret PSNI briefings that created and perpetuated the allegations of threats being issued by the UVF to families in Cantrell close. A Freedom of Information request has revealed there was seven briefings provided to politicians and one authorised media briefing. At the time of the incident the East Belfast […]

EXCLUSIVE: Shooting for Funding- How republican front groups are being rewarded for punishment shootings

Unionist Voice has investigated a ‘shooting for funding’ cycle that has seen vast amounts of public money poured into dissident republican front groups in a vain attempt to financially induce them to stop shooting people. In the past 10 years dissident republicans have been responsible for 91% of punishment shootings, with the majority carried out […]

NEWS: UUP MLA Doug Beattie calls for a PSNI assessment of CRSI following stalkers conviction 

Military Cross recipient and Ulster Unionist Party MLA Doug Beattie MC has called on the PSNI to provide an assessment in relation to dissident linked Conflict Resolution Services Ireland.  The call comes after the conviction of thuggish stalker Fernando Murphy, who last week pleaded guilty to stalking a former partner which included places stolen photos […]

#SUAS series- SF MLA Conor Murphy discriminates against a Protestant 

For today’s ‘Stand Up Against Sectarianism Campaign’ – #SUAS- Unionist Voice is focusing on the discrimination against Protestants by senior Sinn Fein member Conor Murphy during his time as an Executive Minister.  Murphy is pictured here with sectarian IRA serial killer Sean ‘the Surgeon’ Hughes.         The case was brought by Alan Lennon […]

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