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OPINION: Matthew O’Toole’s pro-Belfast Agreement piece in the Irish Times is factually incorrect

OPINION: Matthew O’Toole’s pro-Belfast Agreement piece in the Irish Times is factually incorrect

By Jamie Bryson The Irish Times have today published an article by Matthew O’Toole, the former chief press officer for Europe and economic affairs in the prime minister’s office. In it he falsely claims that the Belfast Agreement constitutionally binds the United Kingdom to Europe. You can read it HERE In this piece Mr O’Toole […]

OPINION: Loyalists need to start writing their own history

OPINION: Loyalists need to start writing their own history

You only need to step into any bookstore and glance at the section reserved for Irish history, or politics. At a reasonably conservative estimate I would guess that 85% of the books in relation to Northern Ireland are written by, or are about, the republican movement. If we break it down further into books written […]

Why Unionism should reject the monstrous UK-EU deal 

Why Unionism should reject the monstrous UK-EU deal 

By Jamie Bryson This morning’s agreement between the United Kingdom Government and the European Union negotiators is a monstrous deal that not only strengthens the failed Belfast Agreement, but opens the door to an economic United Ireland. Here is why; [1] At paragraph 42 the UK Government and EU negotiators affirm that the “achievements, benefits […]

Who would take us back? – Time to unplug the concession meter and ignore Sinn Féin’s empty threats 

The IRA’s political wing, Sinn Fein, have continued to increase their rhetoric and whip up Brexit tension, in order to bully and threaten their way to ‘special status’.     The recent threats of ‘civil disobedience’ by Sinn Fein are a new variation of the armalite and ballot box strategy. Dire warnings have been issued about […]

OPINION: Why the NI Act 1998 should be repealed and the Belfast Agreement torn up

By Jamie Bryson In a recent social media debate with Queens University lecturer and Alliance Party member Duncan Morrow, which was respectful and dignified, a dispute arose over the Belfast Agreement and whether it could be overridden. I argued that it could, and indeed should, and Mr Morrow argued that it would be in breach […]

Opinion: Republican agenda being progressed via legacy litigation and trial by the media 

By Jamie Bryson    It was George Orwell that said “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” Never has there been a more succinct explanation for the current legacy battle raging within our political institutions (or lack of), the media and our legal system.   Sinn Fein’s narrative […]

Editorial: Why Maze film should act as a timely reminder as to why we must never trust republicans

By Jamie Bryson The Maze 1983 film is an opportunity for the Unionist community to remind ourselves of the sheer folly of ever trusting the republican movement or their pretence of ‘reconciliation’. After the Hunger Strikes a new strategy emerged within the jail. It was conceived by the prison leadership which included current senior Sinn […]

Opinion: SF demands aren’t ‘rights’- they are wrongs 

   Sinn Fein have continually sought to justify wielding their mandatory veto to demolish the Northern Ireland Executive by claiming they are doing so because of “rights based issues”.  If we go back in time Sinn Fein claimed they were bringing the house on the hill down over RHI and the refusal of Arlene Foster […]

OPINION: ‘Collusion’ allegations all about re-writing the past

There is an increasingly fast paced effort to push the republican narrative of collusion. With operation Kenova investigating agents operating within the highest echelons of the IRA, Sinn Fein’s arms-length campaigners are devoting vast amounts of energy to pursuing fictitious collusion allegations. The purpose behind this is two-fold, firstly to divert from awkward questions stemming […]

EDITORIAL: Unionism fighting back in the cultural war, and republicanism do not like it one bit

This morning the story of the ghoulish terror video of children being indoctrinated with profanity-laden IRA songs was covered by the mainstream media in the form of U105. This is a positive example of how Unionist Voice and grassroots activism can highlight relevant issues. For quite some time loyalism has been an easy target for mainstream […]