Unionists urged to speak out against rumoured DUP surrender 

Rumours have grown today that the DUP are on the verge of a humiliating surrender to Sinn Fein demands, in order to get back into Stormont and Save their salary. 


Unionism voted in their droves, with many lending their vote to the DUP, to give Arlene Foster a strong mandate NOT to provide anymore concessions to Sinn Fein. Rumours appear to suggest that the DUP are on the verge of betraying that mandate and granting Sinn Fein all of their core demands. 

It has even been astonishingly suggested that unionism’s ‘victory’ would be Sinn Fein ‘allowing’ Arlene Foster to remain at First Minister. 

Think of it, a supposed ‘victory’ because Sinn Fein ‘permit’ Unionism to elect their own choice of First Minister. 

It is understood that DUP MPs have not cleared the deal and could still veto the pending betrayal of the unionist Community. 

Let us be clear, NO further provision for the Irish Language Act is acceptable to the unionist community. It doesn’t matter whether it is dressed up in a cultural act, whether it has Ulster Scots (which is not a language) as a fig leaf or whether it is kicked down the line. There is no amount of spin that could sell any form of further Irish language provision to the unionist community. 

Many within Unionism are looking to prominent institutions such as the Orange Order, to speak out and make it clear that the DUP does not have the support of their constituents to do a deal on Irish language. 

It is also believed that a Judicial Review may be brought into the Secretary of State’s failure to call an election, which places her in breach of the legal duty outlined in the Northern Ireland Act 1998. It is not clear whether such action could damage or halt any potential deal, but it is understood it is an option being explored.

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