NEWS: Sinn Fein MP mocks victims of Kingsmill massacre 

Prominent SF MLA Barry McElduff has been captured posing with a ‘Kingsmill’ loaf of bread on his head, in a blatant attempt to mock the IRA murder of 10 innocent Protestants 42 years on from the sectarian slaughter. 

The appalling video was released yesterday, timed to co-incide with the anniversary of the Sinn Fein/IRA terror attack. 

McElduff was imprisoned following the abduction of a Protestant woman in 1992. She was interrogated by 3 masked IRA terrorists inside Sinn Fein offices. 

Despite their high profile ‘Stand Up Against Sectarianism’ campaign, Sinn Fein have failed to censor their MLA and appear to be supporting the sickening mocking of the IRA’s murder of 10 Protestants. 
A number of prominent SF members have shared the horrific video, including former finance Minister Mairtin O’Mullieoir and the party’s Bangor branch. 


It is hoped this scandalous taunting of the victims of IRA terror will not go without coverage in the mainstream media, nor be suppressed with some clever Sinn Fein spin designed to deflect from this nakedly sectarian glorification of mass murder. 

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