EXCLUSIVE: Eibhlin Glenholmes admits going back into the IRA after receiving OTR letter 

A video has emerged showing IRA terrorist Eibhlin Glenholmes admitting that upon her return to Northern Ireland, thanks to an OTR letter, that she went back to ‘work’ for IRA leader Brian Keenan. 

At 4 minutes 40 on this YouTube video Eibhlin Glenholmes talks about returning to Belfast thanks to the GFA (Belfast Agreement), of which she claims she was a “beneficiary”. 

This is understood to be a reference to the On The Run (OTR) scheme, which provided a de-facto amnesty for IRA members that had been in hiding following committing acts of terrorism.  

Eibhlin Glenholmes was one of the first recipients of an OTR letter as part of a side deal negotiated between Jonathan Powell and Siobhan O’Hanlon, who it is understood drove to the Republic of Ireland to collect Glenholmes and drive her back into Northern Ireland. 

Ms O’Hanlon was allegedly the other IRA member in Gibraltar when three active IRA terrorists were shot dead. 

However, following the admission by Eibhlin Glenholmes that she was one of the first allowed to return following the Belfast Agreement, the convicted terrorist then goes on to say that upon her return she went and “met up with Brian (Keenan) again, and went back to work for him again.” 

This admission is astonishing given that the ‘work’ undertaken for Brian Keenan was exclusively IRA business, and therefore unlawful given the IRA’s status as a proscribed terrorist organisation. 

Given Ms Glenholmes refers to “going back” to work for Brian Keenan, it is important to establish what ‘work’ was undertaken prior to Eiblhin Glenholmes’ leave of absence. 

Brian Keenan was a lifelong terrorist and Belfast IRA commander. Prior to her going on the run he was Eibhlin Glenholmes’ IRA commander, so when she refers to going “back to work for Brian (Keenan)” again, it is clearly a reference to returning to the structures of the IRA. 

Her initial work for Brian Keenan led to her being wanted in Britain on nine warrants covering a range of offences including murder, attempted murder, firearms and explosives. 

When Eibhlin Glenholmes came back to ‘work’ for the IRA her role included, it is believed, liaising with international terrorist groups on behalf of the IRA. 

This raises enormous questions not only for the now discredited OTR scheme, but also in relation to whether there is now sufficient evidence to arrest and question Eibhlin Glenholmes in relation to her apparent admission that she returned to the ranks of the IRA post-1998. 

Should there be sufficient evidence of such, then she would not benefit from any reduced sentence under the terms of the Belfast Agreement. 

The following questions arise, and should be answered; 

1. How many other IRA terrorists benefited from the OTR amnesty scheme and returned to unlawful IRA activities? 

2. What happened to the evidence that justified an extradition warrant on a range of offences in the 1980’s, but yet vanished when it came to the OTR scheme? 

3. Did Brian Keenan own a business, and if so did he employ Ms Glenholmes? If not, then what ‘work’ did she report back to Brian Keenan to undertake? 

The Blair Government repeatedly and continually perverted the course of justice in order to deliver side deals to Sinn Fein, and by extension the IRA. 

It is important that Unionism highlights these deals and seeks explanations as to the legal basis on which they were undertaken. 

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