#SUAS series- SF MLA Conor Murphy discriminates against a Protestant 

For today’s ‘Stand Up Against Sectarianism Campaign’ – #SUAS- Unionist Voice is focusing on the discrimination against Protestants by senior Sinn Fein member Conor Murphy during his time as an Executive Minister. 

Murphy is pictured here with sectarian IRA serial killer Sean ‘the Surgeon’ Hughes. 



The case was brought by Alan Lennon who was overlooked for the post of chairman of NI Water. 

The tribunal judgement found convicted terrorist Murphy’s evidence “implausible and lacking credibility”. 

The Sinn Fein man refused to apologise to Mr Lennon for his sectarian discrimination and instead doubled down on his hate filled decision to overlook Mr Lennon based solely on his Protestant background. 

In March 2011 the then Sinn Fein Minister instead appointment a Catholic as chairman, Sean Hogan ahead of four Protestants shortlisted after interview. 

The tribunal judgement made clear that , Mr Hogan was selected because “he was not from a Protestant background and because he was known to the minister and his (then Sinn Fein) ministerial colleagues”, Michelle Gildernew and Caitriona Ruane, who were consulted about the appointment.

The astonishing discrimination shines a light on the sectarian hatred at the heart of Sinn Fein. 

Will Sinn Fein stand up against the sort of sectarianism that disadvantaged Mr Lennon? 

A BBC report from 2012 can be found here 

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