NEWS: Cost of SF/Alliance targeting of unionist culture revealed

It has been revealed by Brendan Hughes in this morning’s Irish News that the cost of the defective injunctions brought against unionist cultural expression zones in east Belfast was a staggering £4,500 of tax payer’s money.


The injunctions, which were never affixed and therefore never took effect, were allegedly supported by all parties in Belfast City Council. To date council have refused to release the minutes or attendance list of the meeting in which this decision to target unionist cultural expression zones was made.

Many people will be horrified at the vast amount of tax payer’s money wasted pursuing the injunctions at the behest of the ‘progressive’ Sinn Fein-Alliance party pan-nationalist coalition. Michael Long of the Alliance party alongside ‘progressive’ Sinn Fein colleagues Deirdre Hargey and Jim McVeigh- a convicted terrorist- were the driving forces behind the sinister targeting of the sites.

The failure of the injunctions to take effect was highlighted, much to the embarrassment of Belfast City Council, by the East Belfast Community Initiative. In a written submission to Belfast City Council the EBCI highlighted numerous flaws in the cultural targeting injunctions.

A spokesperson for the EBCI said “we are shocked at the huge waste of public money as part of this Sinn Fein-Alliance party vanity project.”

They continued “It is a prime example of the approach of the pan-nationalist coalition in terms of using strategic litigation to subvert politics and target culture. Members of this ‘progressive’ cult-like movement, spearheaded by Sinn Fein and the Alliance, have already championed litigation to try and overturn the will of the people in terms of Brexit and subvert the democratic will of the people on social issues.”

Unionist Voice will continue to campaign for the release of all documents relating to the disgraceful targeting of unionist cultural expression zones and the attendance list and voting record of those present at the meeting when the decision to target unionist culture was taken.


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