NEWS: Humiliated Sinn Fein retract bogus UVF threat allegation 

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly has moved away from the earlier party position which stated as fact that the UVF was behind threats in a shared housing development in south/east Belfast. 

The East Belfast Community Initiative, which mediates on behalf of ex combatants linked to east Belfast UVF, categorically dismissed the allegations of UVF involvement and the PSNI and families involved have since confirmed they never mentioned the UVF. 

Prominent journalists have now began to publicly question the genesis of the allegation of the UVF involvement and all the evidence points to the statement issued under the name of Sinn Fein’s south Belfast MLA on Thursday which stated as fact that the UVF had issued these threats. 


Sinn Fein were immediately supported by the Alliance party in this assertion as both parties worked in unison to stir up sinister sectarian tensions. 

After the bogus allegation of east Belfast UVF involvement began to falter under scrutiny prominent Sinn Fein MLA and convicted IRA terrorist Gerry Kelly moved backwards on the party position by stating that the PSNI should reveal whether “there was paramilitary involvement, or not.” 

The statement by the north Belfast MLA makes clear that the Sinn Fein position is now that the PSNI need to reveal whether there was paramilitary involvement or not. This is a significant move backwards from the statement stating as fact that the east Belfast UVF had issued the threats. 

The public narrative has now switched to questioning the motivations behind those who made the bogus allegations of UVF involvement, rather than the strategy envisaged by Sinn Fein which was to have a public chorus demanding that the NCA immediately move against loyalists in east Belfast. 

It is imperative that the spotlight remains on Sinn Fein and their surrogates in the Alliance party and they explain their motivations for adding sinister connotations to this issue. 

The Sinn Fein attempts to spin a story for political benefit has ended in complete embarrassment as it has spun right back around onto them. 

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