Ghoulish pro-terror IRA video removed by sectarian singer Damien Quinn 

After Unionist Voice exclusively broke the story of the ghoulish video showing children as young as 5 singing profanity-laden IRA songs, the terrorist cheerleader Damien Quinn has removed the sick You Tube footage

But before a humiliated Quinn snuck in to remove the sick video, over 12,000 people visited Unionist Voice and read the story exposing the vile video which showed the children singing lyrics which included “hate the Queen”, “f**k yer (sic) flag” and “18 Brits” (a reference to a song ‘celebrating’ the IRA murder of 18 British soldiers). 

The kids, kitted out in GAA tops, stood on chairs and belted out the hate-filled lyrics- cheered on and filmed by their parents. 

The singer, Damien Quinn, was recently on the verge of receiving Belfast City Council funding for his pro-terror chanting under the guise of a Celtic ‘fanzone’ until Unionist activists highlighted his involvement and the money was pulled. 

Sinn Fein representatives have previously expressed outraged at the British Army going into schools and holding stalls, yet remained silent in relation to this video. 

It is also notable that many ‘satire’ sites did not pick up on the video, but rather ignored it and continued their daily diatribe of hate towards the Unionist community. 

The lyrics to the ‘Rebel Sunday’ song sung by children during Quinn’s latest terrorfest can be heard here on a previous occasions in the Rock Bar in West Belfast 

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