REVEALED: How the judicial system was manipulated by nationalist activists #Loughinisland

Following Friday’s Loughinisland judgement it is important to understand how the legal system was manipulated via a coordinated social and mainstream media campaign, designed to create the very perception of bias that Barra McGrory QC would later argue existed. The entire scheme is revealed here, with a visual graph  at the bottom of this article […]

NEWS: Contrived nationalist ‘bias’ argument succeeds in an attempt to manipulate judicial system

Following the malicious and contrived targeting of a High Court judge by nationalist legacy activists and their surrogates, Mr Justice McCloskey has bowed to the despicable nationalist attempts to undermine the impartiality of the judicial system. The cause of genuine victims, who deserve truth and justice, has been hi-jacked by Sinn Fein and their activists […]

Former IRA solicitor attacks the independence of the Judiciary

A High Court judge has today deferred judgement on whether to quash the Police Ombudsman’s findings in relation to his investigation into the Loughinisland massacre. The delay comes after the IRA’s former solicitor of choice, Barra McGrory QC, argued that there was a perception of bias.   Upon hearing the fact that Barra McGrory QC […]

EXCLUSIVE: Another SF member taunts Kingsmill victims 

The Sinn Fein Kingsmill scandal has taken another twist tonight as a former party Councillor, who has confirmed he remains a member of the party, has been exposed making outrageous comments into reference to the sectarian slaughter.     Michael Henry-Mcivor, until recently a Sinn Fein Councillor in Cookstown, said on Facebook  “We tried to break […]

EXCLUSIVE: Pat Finucane Centre board member defends vile McElduff video 

Robin Percival, a board member of the Pat Finucane Centre, has taken to social media to defend Barry McElduff’s mocking of the sectarian IRA slaughter of 10 innocent Protestants.       The Pat Finucane Centre claims to represent victims, yet have so far failed to condemn the sickening sectarian video mocking the Kingsmill massacre.     […]

NEWS: Sinn Fein MP mocks victims of Kingsmill massacre 

Prominent SF MLA Barry McElduff has been captured posing with a ‘Kingsmill’ loaf of bread on his head, in a blatant attempt to mock the IRA murder of 10 innocent Protestants 42 years on from the sectarian slaughter.     The appalling video was released yesterday, timed to co-incide with the anniversary of the Sinn Fein/IRA […]

Former Sinn Fein/IRA election candidate threatens legal action against Unionist Voice

Former Sinn Fein/IRA election candidate threatens legal action against Unionist Voice

By Connor White Solicitors acting for Sinn Fein/IRA activist and former election candidate Jim Clinton, have threatened to sue Unionist Voice for linking him to the IRA, who control Sinn Fein. Unionist Voice indentified Mr Clinton in a list of those who had signed the sectarian pan-nationalist letter to the Irish Prime Minister, which made political demands under […]

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