Policing & Justice

Policing and Justice

NEWS: Kelly’s own account contradicts his claim he left the IRA 

   Convicted IRA bomber Gerry Kelly today told the BBC Talk Back program that an individual being sentenced to prison was no longer a member of the IRA.  In this context the Sinn Fein MLA stated he left the IRA when he went into prison.  Despite this Mr Kelly’s own account of the Maze escape […]

NEWS: PSNI officer arrested following Police Ombudsman receiving detailed information

A serving PSNI officer has this morning been arrested as part of an investigation into inappropriate use of social media, including leaking confidential information into live Police investigations.     The Ombudsman has received a number of detailed complaints, at least one of which included the names of officers involved.   It is also understood the […]

NEWS: PSNI investigation underway into serious social media allegations

The PSNI are investigating a number of social media accounts linked to serving officers. This comes after one officer is potentially facing criminal proceedings for trolling a suspect in a case in which they were the investigating officer. The current investigation extends to allegations that PSNI officers not only abused and trolled a wide range […]

NEWS: Lenient sentences for dissident republican anti culture GARC protestors 

   Republican agitators- including terrorist cheerleader Dee Fennell- linked to the dissident republican GARC anti-culture group have received conditional discharges for participating in an unlawful parade.  This stands in stark contrast to suspended sentences, prison terms and community service handed out to those found guilty of exactly the same offence during the Union flag protests.  […]

NEWS: Trial into corrupt PSNI officer- under investigation for setting up a former UDR Soldier- due to begin today

Today sees the start of a serving PSNI officer’s trial at Laganside Crown court. The allegedly corrupt officer is accused of theft and misconduct in public office.  Yvonne Forte is also under investigation by the Police Ombudsman for planting evidence in the home of a former UDR soldier and tampering with evidence. Ms Forte has […]

NEWS: PPS intervene to withdraw charges against republican rioter 

NEWS: PPS intervene to withdraw charges against republican rioter 

A republican arrested and charged after rioting in the Markets area of Belfast has had all charges withdrawn, after an intervention by the Public Prosecution Service.    Gerard McEvoy had been charged with riotous assembly, throwing a petrol bomb and aggravated taking and driving away on 7 August 2017.  A PPS representative intervened to withdraw […]

NEWS: Masked republicans attack PSNI and members of the public in Londonderry 

The PSNI and members of the public have come under attack by a violent republican mob in the Lecky Road area of Londonderry.     The attack came close to the site of a republican bonfire due to be held in the area tonight.  Petrol bombs, bottles and bricks were thrown during the republican rioting.  Over […]

NEWS: Unionist Voice highlights Sinn Fein’s continuing links to the IRA Army Council

NEWS: Unionist Voice highlights Sinn Fein’s continuing links to the IRA Army Council

Unionist Voice explores the continuing links between Sinn Fein and the still active IRA. Sinn Fein this week held a meeting with the PSNI Chief Constable, in which they claimed to have raised the issue of the activities of loyalist organisations. Many Unionist’s will view this as the height of hypocrisy given Sinn Fein’s inextricable […]

BREAKING: Belfast Councillor reports exclusive Unionist Voice bonfire story to PSNI 

   UUP Councillor Sonia Copeland has announced on Facebook that she has contacted the PSNI over the EXCLUSIVE  story carried by Unionist Voice in relation to the clandestine bonfire meeting which targeted bonfire sites in east Belfast.  It is believed to be the first time a politician has reported a news article reporting on events […]

NEWS: Omagh bomb families to sue PSNI over investigation into 1998 atrocity

NEWS: Omagh bomb families to sue PSNI over investigation into 1998 atrocity

Relatives of the Omagh bomb victims are suing PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton in relation to allegations that failures in the police investigation led to the perpetrators escaping justice. There has been allegations that security force informants were part of the bombing team and a failure to share information internally between the security services led […]

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