Policing & Justice

Policing and Justice

EXCLUSIVE: The unredacted Police Ombudsman witness statement relating to the theft of confidential Loughinisland material

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI The Police Ombudsman has publicly denied that there was any complaint of theft in relation to the confidential Loughinisland material, however Unionist Voice can today publish a full copy of the written statement (below) by the Ombudsman’s Director of Investigations, Paul Holmes. The statement is marked ‘Official-Sensitive’. Unionist Voice has […]

NEWS: Union Flag protestors should have their convictions quashed as officer faces criminal courts for misconduct

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI It was heart-warming to see the PPS statement carried in the Irish News in which they issued a warning relating to reporting or commentary which could prejudice the officer’s trial. I agree with this sentiment, I just wonder why it wasn’t similarly expressed in relation to loyalists charged with criminal […]

EXCLUSIVE: Unionist Voice reveals that at least 72% of Northern Ireland’s most senior judges come from a catholic background

The revelation of the gross disparity in the community make up of the Judiciary will raise serious questions in regards to parity of esteem, especially given the broad Catholic and Nationalist community have long demanded quotas in order   to ensure fair cross community representation.         In recent months we have seen calls for a return to 50-50 […]

Analysis: PSNI must provide an assessment relating to the activities of armed republican groups, including PIRA

By Jamie Bryson – Editor@UnionistVoice.com  @Jamie BrysonCPNI The revelation that publicly funded republican community workers have played an active role in the continued promotion of republican terrorism will not come as any surprise to most people. You can read the exclusive Unionist Voice story HERE Despite the sight of armed balaclava-clad republicans on our streets […]

NEWS: Publicly funded republican community worker plays a leading role in INLA armed show of strength

By Jamie Bryson – Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI A publically funded community worker played a leading role in the armed INLA show of strength, it can be revealed. The individual, who it is understood works for INLA group Teach Na Faillte, is seen leading the armed balaclava-clad terror gang out of a residential property before spotting mobile […]

A riposte to Bobby Singleton’s Sunday World PCTF exit interview- by Jamie Bryson

A riposte to Bobby Singleton’s Sunday World PCTF exit interview- by Jamie Bryson

By Jamie Bryson @JamieBrysonCPNI  At this initial juncture one brief analytical observation is appropriate. Of all the mainstream media outlets Mr Singleton could have granted his exclusive interview to, he chose the Sunday World. That will be a point that I am sure will not be missed by those loyalists who have long held suspicions […]

NEWS: EBCI blasts prejudicial and malicious article linking loyalists to Dublin crime gangs

  The East Belfast Community Initiative (EBCI) have released a statement in response to an article carried in today’s Sunday Life which made a range of baseless allegations about east Belfast loyalists and alleged criminal links to Dublin-based crime gangs. A spokesperson for EBCI told Unionist Voice: “Today’s article in the Sunday Life was the […]

NEWS: Highfield Rangers Supporters Club respond to “false and malicious” allegations printed by Sunday Life

The Highfield Rangers supporters club have reacted furiously to what they have branded a “false and malicious” article carried in today’s (07/04/19) edition of the Sunday Life. The publication carried a range of anonymous allegations pertaining to their well run and respected social club. These allegations largely appeared to be directed towards two well-known loyalists […]

EDITORIAL: Inequality under the law- The selective policing agenda of the PCTF

EDITORIAL: Inequality under the law- The selective policing agenda of the PCTF

By Jamie Bryson Let me begin this piece by setting a clear and unambiguous context. I despise drug dealing and have campaigned against it my whole adult life. If people choose to engage in drug dealing then my view is that they take their chances with the law and if convicted they deserve a strong […]

EXCLUSIVE: Over £30,000 of Fresh Start funding earmarked to help women affected by paramilitarism is being used to fund a lavish trip to New York

The tax payer has been subjected to a relentless media campaign of adverts and press releases about tackling paramilitarism. Most people probably thought this was all about tackling organised crime, helping victims and making communities safer. The tackling paramilitarism programme originated in the Fresh Start agreement of November 2015 where it set out the Executive’s […]