WATCH: Help For Sophia’s Seizures- Emotional Video

The family of young Sophia Gibson has released an emotional video in an attempt to raise awareness of the horrendous suffering that their young girl continues to endure. Sophia’s mother, Danielle, told Unionist Voice “It was a difficult decision to release some of the very personal and private footage of our daughter. But we […]

NEWS: Sinn Fein Cllr accused of withholding murder information slams Unionist Voice 

Sinn Fein Councillor Deirdre Hargey has taken to twitter to criticise Unionist Voice and accuse our site- which has attracted over 30,000 visitors in the past week- of publicising “untruths”.     Her comments came in the wake of a number of angry responses from republicans, and their allies in the Alliance party, in relation to […]

NEWS: Belfast Media Group claims sectarianism as ruthless O’Muilleoir sacks lifelong employees 

By Edward Maxwell  The Belfast Media Group- owned by Sinn Fein multi millionaire Mairtin O’ Muilleoir- announced they are to lay off 4 employees.     Bizarrely the editor of the paper Robin Livingston- who is known to be a strong supporter of Sinn Fein- appeared to suggest that the job losses were due to sectarianism.  […]

NEWS: Alliance join with Sinn Fein in attempt to destroy jobs and create a republican ghetto in North Belfast

NEWS: Alliance join with Sinn Fein in attempt to destroy jobs and create a republican ghetto in North Belfast

The Alliance party once again joined forces with Sinn Fein on Tuesday night, supporting an attempt to create a further republican ghetto in North Belfast. Belfast City Council’s planning committee passed plans for a new retail venture at the Hillview Retail park on the Crumlin Road, creating up to 300 jobs. This was opposed by […]

NEWS: Republican event in Londonderry mocks death of British Soldier Lee Rigby 

A republican event in Londonderry has erected a sign seemingly mocking the atrocious murder of British soldier and hero, Lee Rigby.     Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance have remained silent in relation to the republican hatefest in Londonderry, which last night seen innocent residents and the PSNI come under attack by a masked republican mob.  […]

NEWS: Omagh bomb- Fulton’s handler should come clean on ‘warning’

19 years on from the Omagh bombing, numerous questions remain unanswered. The Government has been less than forthcoming with answers and instead have used the court process to restrict information in relation to informants involved in the atrocity becoming public. The murderous attack, masterminded by a breakaway faction of the South Armagh/North Louth IRA controlled […]

NAMED: The elected representatives on Belfast City Council waging war against Unionist culture

Unionist Voice has decided to look into some of the key figures behind the cultural war being carried out against the Unionist community by Belfast City Council. The leader of the Sinn Fein group on Belfast City Council is Jim ‘flash’ McVeigh. Mr McVeigh served two prison sentences for IRA terrorist activity. He was co-opted onto […]

NEWS: Masked republicans attack PSNI and members of the public in Londonderry 

The PSNI and members of the public have come under attack by a violent republican mob in the Lecky Road area of Londonderry.     The attack came close to the site of a republican bonfire due to be held in the area tonight.  Petrol bombs, bottles and bricks were thrown during the republican rioting.  Over […]

NEWS: Pro-IRA songs at taxpayer funded West Belfast festival 

The taxpayer funded West Belfast festival has once again caused outrage amongst Unionists after the final night performance included chants of “oh ah up the Ra”.     The chants glorified the proscribed Irish Republican Army, which an independent report in 2015 found remained armed and in existence.  Despite being vocal on Unionist bonfires, the Alliance […]

EXCLUSIVE: Belfast City Council forced to reveal key details of July injunctions

EXCLUSIVE: Belfast City Council forced to reveal key details of July injunctions

Belfast City Council have accepted in writing that their bonfire injunction could NOT prevent the lighting of bonfires on 11th July. This assertion, originally put forward by the East Belfast Community Initiative, blew a hole in Sinn Fein’s attempts to stop all bonfires. In a response to the East Belfast Community Initiative the City Solicitor […]