EDITORIAL: A momentous victory at Avoniel- Loyalism must harness that energy for the cultrual war

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI  The events at Avoniel over the past week attracted huge media interest across the United Kingdom, and further afield. Mainstream unionist politicians dipped their toe in at various points, but ultimately it was a victory won by the grassroots PUL community who stood in defiance of attempts to railroad the […]

EDITORIAL: PSNI must refuse to be used as political pawns by nationalist Belfast City Council

By Jamie Bryson Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI There has been significant misrepresentation of events over recent days concerning bonfires in the east Belfast area. It appears a narrative has taken hold that loyalists in the East Belfast Cultural Collective were advocating the burning of tyres; nothing could be further from the truth. The group has been clear […]

EDITORIAL: Sinn Fein’s flag motion is an absurd and legally illiterate stunt with little prospect of success

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI The motion passed on Monday night mandates Belfast City Council officials to take legal action to compel the removal of “paramilitary flags” and “British Army banners”. Therefore, when drafting their proposed legal action council officials will be constrained by the text of Sinn Fein’s own motion. They face several hurdles […]

A tribute to an Ulsterman- Farewell Willie Frazer

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com  @JamieBrysonCPNI  This short piece is little more than a basic attempt to pay tribute to one of the finest Ulstermen that ever lived, William Fredrick Frazer. I could write a fluffy piece, but Willie would not have appreciated that. If I had done so, he would likely have said to me […]

EDITORIAL: Banners in support of our armed forces should not be criminalised at the behest of hysterical nationalists

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI The ongoing controversy generated by nationalists in relation to the proliferation of flags, banners, boards and posters in support of members of our armed forces has been in the news in recent days. This show of support has grown organically within large sections of the unionist and loyalist community and […]

Namagate Reborn- A political show trial designed to criminalise public interest journalism

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI It is reported that the PPS are to prosecute for the alleged offence of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office in relation to my appearance before the NI Assembly Finance committee in 2015. I understand at least one senior QC returned the papers, unwilling to play any role in […]

NEWS: PSNI launch a Supreme Court assault on press freedom as they seek to narrow protections for journalistic material

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI In my recent Judicial Review challenge the High Court ruled that in the event that the PSNI had corporate knowledge that a person may be in possession of journalistic material, then the enhanced protections apply- even if the police are not seeking journalistic material- and as such they would be […]

EXCLUSIVE: The unredacted Police Ombudsman witness statement relating to the theft of confidential Loughinisland material

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI The Police Ombudsman has publicly denied that there was any complaint of theft in relation to the confidential Loughinisland material, however Unionist Voice can today publish a full copy of the written statement (below) by the Ombudsman’s Director of Investigations, Paul Holmes. The statement is marked ‘Official-Sensitive’. Unionist Voice has […]

EXCLUSIVE: Saoradh’s Dee Fennell in threatening social media rant- only a week after denying links to New IRA terror gang

At the weekend a carload of New IRA members, including Fennell, went in search of the young DJ to issue a ‘punishment beating’ after he made a joke about a relative of Dee Fennell. This is a similar situation to the New IRA murder of Michael McGibbon. His crime had been to allegedly upset a […]

NEWS: Union Flag protestors should have their convictions quashed as officer faces criminal courts for misconduct

By Jamie Bryson- Editor@UnionistVoice.com @JamieBrysonCPNI It was heart-warming to see the PPS statement carried in the Irish News in which they issued a warning relating to reporting or commentary which could prejudice the officer’s trial. I agree with this sentiment, I just wonder why it wasn’t similarly expressed in relation to loyalists charged with criminal […]

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