Nationalist solicitors sign Sinn Fein letter calling for one sided justice

A nationalist coalition of solicitors have come together to publish a letter in today’s Irish News supporting the Sinn Fein organised ‘March For Truth’ on Sunday. The march is being fronted up by Sinn Fein MLA Emma Rogan who has recently been pictured glorifying the murderous deeds of the Provisional IRA.

The letter reads like a Sinn Fein propaganda release, written to shape the legacy narrative promoted by the Provisional IRA. Among the key signatories behind the letter is Sinn Fein election canvasser Niall Murphy, Sinn Fein North Belfast member John Finucane and Paddy Murray, the son of IRA Northern Commander Sean ‘Spike’ Murray.

Spike Murray’s other son, also called Sean, is currently working with Sinn Fein front groups on legacy matters to produce a documentary in relation to the republican contrived ‘collusion’ narrative. One of the key contributors to the documentary, masquerading as a ‘victims campaigner’, is OTR recipient Paul O’Connor. The former IRA terrorist went on the run after being implicated in the murder of a child. 

Spike Murray imported a number of glocks into Northern Ireland during the ‘peace process’ and has since filtered these weapons- which were not decommissioned- out to groups still engaged in violence with the approval of the IRA Army Council.

Nowhere in the letter do the 50 nationalist solicitors call for justice for the victims of IRA terrorism, nor do they call on the IRA to tell the truth about their murderous terrorist campaign.

It is blatantly obvious that Sinn Fein have used surrogates to infiltrate a number of front groups, with specific focus placed on the legal profession. Many solicitors have given up the pretence of being non-political and impartial, and instead are acting as full time republican activists within the legal system.

Today’s letter is the latest example of a number of solicitors attempting to create a sectarian pact within their profession as part of their campaign to sanitise the murderous deeds of the IRA and play their role in Sinn Fein’s agenda to re-write the past.


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