NEWS: SDLP and Alliance silent on Hazzard’s terror den

There has been silence from the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition after it was revealed that Sinn Fein’s Chris Hazzard MP, a self-proclaimed advocate for victims, had moved into a terror den within his South Down constituency.


Chris Hazzard’s new IRA terror den makes a mockery of his pretence that he is some kind of advocate for victims. Mr Hazard is an advocate of victims that fit the IRA’s narrative of the conflict, in other words he uses victims for his own political purposes.

Earlier in the week the SDLP, supported by liberal trolls, had launched a venomous campaign against unionist MP Emma Little-Pengelly in an attempt to force her to marginalise sections of the unionist community.

This is even more astonishing given the leader of the SDLP has been pictured carrying a coffin at a terror funeral and that their party brought us the ‘Raymond McCreesh’ play park. Named in ‘honour’ of one of the most ruthless and sectarian mass murderers in Northern Ireland history.

The contrived anger stemmed from the fact that Ms Little-Pengelly had held an advice centre in a local band hall. With clearly obvious sectarian undertones the SDLP launched a campaign of vilification against the band hall itself, and the unionist MP. It seems that the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition are working in unison to target all shades of unionism.

There is no equivalence between the cultural expression of a unionist band hall with an IRA terror den masquerading as an ‘advice centre’. Let us remember the type of ‘advice’ Sinn Fein used to dish out in their ‘community surgeries’. Those summoned to attend would usually end up needing surgery after being set up by an IRA gang!

The Alliance party already displayed their sheer intolerance, with very clear sectarian undertones, by virtue of their hysterical reaction that the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee would dare to hear a grassroots unionist viewpoint.

Many unionists have watched in amazement over the past week at how the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition of Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance have completely lost their minds following unionism’s failure to surrender to the political demands of Sinn Fein, which are being dictated by the still active IRA Army Council.

After Naomi Long’s raving outbursts on last week’s Nolan show, it was followed up this week by an incandescent Kellie Armstrong, who re-iterated her demand that unionism must surrender to all of Sinn Fein’s political demands.

Many unionists will see very clearly the increasingly co-ordinated nature of the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition, which has seen the Sinn Fein-Alliance-SDLP cabal act as an axis of hate towards unionism.

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