NEWS: Petition calling for McElduff’s resignation gains thousands of signatures 

A petition calling for the resignation of former IRA terrorist and current Sinn Fein MP, Barry McElduff, has reached over 11,000 signatures in less than 24 hours. 

The vile video, posted on the 42nd anniversary of the sectarian IRA slaughter of 10 innocent Protestants, was removed only after a wave of revulsion swept social media. 

Prior to the video’s removal Sinn Fein’s Bangor branch and senior MLA Mairtin O’Muellioir had endorsed the sickening mocking of the evil IRA atrocity. 

There has been complete silence from Sinn Fein, including their ‘Stand Up Against Sectarianism’ campaign leader, Declan Kearney. 

Prominent victims groups such as the Pat Finucane centre and Relatives for Justice have also failed to condemn the mocking of the Protestant victims. This, some believe, has exposed the fact that many of these groups are arms length fronts for the republican movement. 

Attempts had been made by GAA figures to present McElduff as a gentle and inoffensive individual. This despite the fact he was convicted as part of an IRA terror gang that kidnapped and interrogated a Protestant woman. 

McElduff also previously complained that schools in Omagh had offered recruitment opportunities for the British Armed Forces, claiming children should not be encouraged in the use of military force. 

Unionist Voice has published a photo of McElduff, with a young child by his side, addressing a Sinn Fein/IRA terror gathering with masked men and illegally held automatic weapons. 

With the Parliamentary standards commissioner and the PSNI set to investigate the video, this scandal shows no signs of abating.  

If you have not yet signed the petition to remove Barry McElduff from office, you can do so here; 


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