EXCLUSIVE: Pat Finucane Centre board member defends vile McElduff video 

Robin Percival, a board member of the Pat Finucane Centre, has taken to social media to defend Barry McElduff’s mocking of the sectarian IRA slaughter of 10 innocent Protestants. 

The Pat Finucane Centre claims to represent victims, yet have so far failed to condemn the sickening sectarian video mocking the Kingsmill massacre. 

Only last month the group threatened legal action against Unionist Voice, following our site exposing one of their prominent spokespersons, Paul O’Connor, as the recipient of an OTR letter. 

O’Connor was allegedly implicated in the IRA murder of a child in the 1970’s. 

Pat Finucane Centre employees expressed disgust that O’Connor had been publicly named. This despite the fact Anne Cadwallader had written an entire book naming members of the Security Forces and loyalists, many of whom had never been convicted or arrested. 

Ms Cadwallader justified this on the BBC Nolan show the day following the withering judgement demolishing the Loughinisland ‘collusion’ narrative, claiming that it was right to publish allegations without a criminal trial. This essentially advocated a trial by media. 

It seems that Unionist Voice deploying exactly the same tactics as arms length republican groups and activists, has caused fury within the broad republican movement. 

The realisation will surely soon dawn upon these republican groups that no longer is it one rule for them and one for the unionist community. If they want a free for all of trial by media, then Unionism will respond in kind. 

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