EXCLUSIVE: Another SF member taunts Kingsmill victims 

The Sinn Fein Kingsmill scandal has taken another twist tonight as a former party Councillor, who has confirmed he remains a member of the party, has been exposed making outrageous comments into reference to the sectarian slaughter. 


Michael Henry-Mcivor, until recently a Sinn Fein Councillor in Cookstown, said on Facebook 

“We tried to break bread with the Unionists- but they were not interested- here is a loaf they are interested in..” 

The vile comment is in reference to Kingsmill, when IRA gunmen including Omagh Bomber Colm Murphy, slaughtered 10 innocent Protestants. 

Henry-Mcvicor then took to social media to abuse unionists, and in the course of this interaction confirmed that he remained a member of Sinn Fein. 


The latest comments to surface will heap further pressure on Sinn Fein, especially their chief ‘Stand Up Against Sectarianism’ advocate, Declan Kearney. 

The sickening McElduff video was endorsed by Mairtin O’Mullieoir and the Bangor Branch of Sinn Fein. 

The party, which a 2015 Government report revealed is controlled by the IRA Army Council, now has on its hands a major scandal. 

There is widespread mocking of Protestant victims across the party, including the glorification of IRA terrorism in the form of Sinn Fein selling t-shirts prompting the terror gang. 

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