EXCLUSIVE: The photo of Barry McElduff that Sinn Fein do not want you to see 

Former IRA prisoner and Sinn Fein MP Barry McElduff has been forced by Sinn Fein Press officers to withdraw his video mocking the sectarian IRA slaughter of 10 innocent Protestants. 


This comes as a photo has emerged of McElduff taking part in an IRA terror ceremony, with a young child standing beside him during the terror indoctrination. 

The Kingsmill video exposed the real Sinn Fein, a side of the party that spin doctors have tried hard to bury with an aggressive ‘linguistic warfare’ strategy. The party, lead by chief ‘shinerbot’ Declan Kearney, have an internal score chart to see which of their public representatives can say ‘equality’, ‘respect’ and ‘parity of esteem’ the most. 

Declan Kearney also started a laughable #StandUpAgainstSectarianism campaign. This despite the face that the terror group controlling Sinn Fein have been responsible for the most wicked sectarian campaign of ethnic cleansing in living memory. 

Unionist Voice highlighted the hypocrisy of this campaign by starting our own #StandUpAgainstSectarianism campaign. After this Sinn Fein stopped promoting their failed hashtag. 

Despite former IRA terrorist McElduff removing the video, it was captured by @impongo2 (GeorgeFromTheShankill) and uploaded on You Tube Here 

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