42 years since Sinn Fein/IRA sectarian slaughter of 10 innocent Protestants

Today marks 42 years since a murderous IRA gang murdered 10 innocent Protestants in cold blood in what has become known as the ‘Kingsmill massacre’.

The murderous IRA gang included the Omagh bomber Colm Murphy, who was also responsible for opening fire on RUC officers Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan and numerous other sectarian murders.

Murphy has been named in recent years as an MI5 agent, recruited circa 1983, and rumours have been fuelled by the Secretary of State’s attempts to have information suppressed within a civil case brought by the Omagh bomb families on the grounds of National Security. It is believed this is an attempt to protect the identity of a previously unknown informer within the Real IRA gang that perpetrated the heinous and brutal attack on the people of Omagh.

Raymond McCreesh, who later starved himself to death in the Maze prison and is commemorated as a hero by Sinn Fein, was another of the gunmen that brutally slaughtered 10 innocent Protestants.

McCreesh, a mass murderer and cowardly terrorist, is also implicated in many other atrocities. Sinn Fein and the SDLP have recently displayed their naked sectarianism and hatred of all things Protestant by supporting a children’s play park being named after the murderer.

Sinn Fein’s IRA murder of 10 innocent Protestants at Kingsmill is a stark example of the nakedly sectarian ethos behind their brutal campaign of terrorism, which they now attempt to portray as justified and noble.

Sinn Fein’s ‘bot’, Declan Kearney, speaks regularly about standing up against sectarianism. Mr Kearney has been completely silent on whether he condemns Sinn Fein’s IRA murders of 10 innocent Protestants at Kingsmill.

Republican ‘victims’ groups have spent a considerable time writing and campaigning in relation to events in South Armagh, yet they conveniently have no interest in writing any books or pursuing their ‘collusion’ narrative when it comes to events like the Kingsmill massacre.

Unionist Voice believes there is a serious imbalance, whereby republican campaigners and legacy litigators believe that it is fine to name and make allegations against loyalists and members of the security forces, without any due process, and the has been considerable restraint on the unionist side in relation to naming IRA terrorists.

Unionist Voice believes that unionism must now begin playing by the same ‘rules’ as those promoting the republican narrative. If it is fair game to name loyalists and members of the security forces in books and films, making allegations that have never been proven, then it is equally fair game to name IRA terrorists- whether convicted or not- and expose the republican backgrounds of those pushing and promoting the republican attempts to rewrite the past and justify the IRA’s terrorist campaign.


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