NEWS: UUP MLA Doug Beattie calls for a PSNI assessment of CRSI following stalkers conviction 

Military Cross recipient and Ulster Unionist Party MLA Doug Beattie MC has called on the PSNI to provide an assessment in relation to dissident linked Conflict Resolution Services Ireland. 

The call comes after the conviction of thuggish stalker Fernando Murphy, who last week pleaded guilty to stalking a former partner which included places stolen photos online and setting up fake twitter accounts spreading false and malicious lies about the woman. 

Sunday Life reported the conviction in Sunday’s paper. 


Doug Beattie MC MLA said; 

“The article in the Sunday Life raises a number of serious issues. Firstly, the story alleges that CRSI is linked to Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH); therefore, I have written to the PSNI to ask them to carry out an assessment of this claim. I believe it is firmly in the public interest to have clarification provided in the same manner as was provided for CharterNI.

“The report also outlines Mr Murphy’s recent and previous convictions and given that the organisation he works for is cited as dealing with vulnerable people, it is vital to ensure that the rigorous checks have been completed.

“With this in mind I have also asked the Board of Trustees for clarification on whether Mr Murphy has been subject to an AccessNI check and have written to the Joseph Rowntree Trust, International Fund for Ireland and the Community Relations Council regarding the mechanisms and checks they have in place for the awarding of public money.

“Any organisation benefitting from public or charitable money must be open, transparent and accountable. I will be pursuing this matter as far as necessary to ensure this is the case.”

The board of CRSI have previously come under pressure due to reports in the local media that Fernando Murphy and another employee had forged a ‘drug dealer list’ and played a key role in the attempted murder conspiracy which lead to the shooting of innocent man Emanuel Murphy (no relation). 

Despite Murphy and CRSI’s well reported role in the attempted murder conspiracy the PSNI failed to arrest Mr Murphy or raid the offices to seize relevant computers. It is not clear why. 

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