NEWS: 30 years from Enniskillen bombing Republicans try and blow up Omagh 

Republican terrorists- on the 30th anniversary of Sinn Fein/IRA’s bombing of Enniskillen- have targeted Omagh with a viable explosive device. 

The device, left to coincide with the respectful and dignified remembrance service, was defused by the bomb disposal unit. 

Sinn Fein activists have sought to target the Poppy in recent days, seeking to demonise the symbol and even have it held in equivalence with the Easter Lily which commemorates terrorists that sought to overthrow the legitimacy of the state by violent means. 

Sinn Fein further continue to justify and glorify the IRA bombing of Enniskillen’s Poppy Day service in 1987. It therefore is no surprise that a new generation of republicans continue to target remembrance events with bombs and threats. 

Many Unionists have remarked how today’s attempted bombing again highlights the cowardliness of the republican movement. 

The modus operandi of the IRA was sneaking around in the dead of night targeting those that were brave enough- as a proper army- to put on a uniform to defend democracy and freedom. 

Today’s cowardly attempt to blow up a remembrance service in Omagh follows the example set by Sinn Fein’s IRA, therefore any weasel words of ‘condemnation’ from Sinn Fein will not hide that fact that this generation of republicans are only copying the cowardly actions of those that went before them. 

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