OPINION: Pan-nationalist hate campaign being waged against Unionism in South Belfast

The recent controversy in south/east Belfast has once again highlighted the overtly political agenda driving the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition’s attacks on Unionism in that area.


South Belfast is one of the most hotly contested Westminster seats and on this occasion it was won by a Unionist, Emma Little-Pengelly. Sinn Fein, the SDLP and Alliance see themselves as having a chance in south Belfast, so they have bandied together like playground bullies to target the sitting MP.

Since the election there has been a vicious campaign waged in south Belfast. On occasions these have been full frontal attempts to heighten tensions by politicising almost every issue conceivable, and on others the pan-nationalist coalition have used surrogates- such as ‘South Belfast Residents Against Flags’ which is a creation of Sinn Fein and run by a Sinn Fein activist- to agitate and stir up sectarian tension.

The aim of the vicious bullying campaign by the ‘progressive’ Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance pan-nationalist coalition is not so much to target Emma Little-Pengelly as a person (that’s just collateral damage) but rather to wage a campaign of hate against Unionism in general.

Sinn Fein are the architects of this strategy and naturally the Alliance party and SDLP are only too willing to join in the campaign of hate against Unionism, and by extension the Unionist MP in the area.

Alliance especially has become known as the ‘nasty party’, with vicious social media trolling campaigns used to target any political opponents. It has, following the example of their senior partners in the pan-nationalist coalition, developed into a cult.

Unionism in south/east Belfast, and across Northern Ireland generally, is being targeted by the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition. That is why it is essential that Unionism stands together.

There is no doubt that many people have internal differences within Unionism, but now is the time to draw a line in the sand and move together with Unionism standing together in opposition to the campaign of hate driven by the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition against all things Unionist.


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