EXCLUSIVE: Jim Wells complains to BBC over Talk Back interview with Jamie Bryson and Dominica McGowan

Prominent DUP MLA and former Executive Minister Jim Wells has lodged an official complaint to the BBC in relation to a recent Talkback interview with Jamie Bryson and Sinn Fein member Dominica McGowan.


Mr Wells has alleged bias against Mr Bryson and favourable treatment offered to Sinn Fein member Dominica McGowan.

Mr Wells said in his complaint “I was extremely unhappy with the manner in which William Crawley handled this interview. He showed a very clear bias against Mr Bryson and favoured Ms McGowan throughout the discussion.

” It is the view of many Unionists that the anti flag protest movement has been created and manipulated by Sinn Fein. This view seems to be confirmed by the fact that Ms McGowan signed the nomination papers for a Sinn Fein candidate in the last Assembly election and has made supportive comments about the 1981 hunger strikers on her social media sites.

” Jamie Bryson was totally correct to ask Ms McGowan if she was a member or supporter of Sinn Fein, but each time he attempted to establish this crucial piece of information Mr Crawley interrupted to protect her from his questions.

The discussion was around the removal of lawful UVF 1912 commemorative flags from the Cantrell Close area of south/east Belfast.

Ms McGowan is a representative of a recently contrived anti-flag/unionist culture movement and has presented the organisation as ‘politically neutral’. During the BBC Talk Back interview to which Mr Wells refers, it was exposed that Ms McGowan is a Sinn Fein member who has consistently posted pro Sinn Fein and IRA propaganda on her personal social media accounts.

Unionist Voice understands Mr Wells complaint is currently with the Regional Controller of the BBC.


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