NEWS: East Belfast FC condemns racist attack 

East Belfast Football Club has expressed anger after the neighbouring community centre was attacked with racist and anti-Islamic slogans. 

It is believed this attack may be linked to recent tensions in the area linked to the Muslim community accessing the Inveraray community centre. 

The Football club has expressed anger at the attack. 

A spokesperson said 

“We are deeply disappointed by this development. We have players from all ethnic backgrounds playing for our club and we reject all forms of racism and sectarianism. 

“We are extremely angry that someone has decided to vandalise the local community centre next to our facilities. 

“We have a strong community development section at our club and if anyone has any genuine community concerns then we would ask that they approach our club and raise these concerns in order that we as a club can engage with statutory agencies and seek solutions to any issues that have arisen.

“We have recently sought to be allowed to open a self funded social hub to engage with hard to reach sections of the community and develop anti-sectarianism and anti-racism projects. This was rejected by Alliance, Green, SDLP and Sinn Fein councillors on Belfast City Council. 

“We will continue to work hard to develop our club and build community capacity and attacks such as that which has taken place last night will not divert us.” 

The attack on the facilities took place on Friday night. 

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