NEWS: Anti-Unionist culture ‘rally’ organiser exposed as arms length Sinn Fein activist 

On Thursday’s BBC Talk Back program Dominica McGowan was in the studio raising the issue of British flags within South Belfast. 

Ms McGowan was instrumental in organising a ‘shared space’ anti-culture rally which claimed at the time to be non-political and simply a gathering of concerned residents. 

Many Unionists warned at the time that this was nothing more than a Sinn Fein attempt to further wage their cultural war against every aspect of British culture. 

Following the ‘rally’ it was exposed that many of the organisers were linked to Sinn Fein, who it appeared had been pulling the strings to agitate against expressions of British culture. 

It has now been revealed that far from being simply a concerned resident, Ms McGowan is in fact an arms length Sinn Fein supporter and activist. 

In the June 2017 election the South Belfast resident signed Sinn Fein candidate Mairtin O’Muilleoir’s nomination papers. 

The Sinn Fein tactic of using arms lengths groups, pretending to be concerned residents, is nothing new 

For many years this approach was used as part of Sinn Fein’s war on parading, it has been used to set up arms lengths victims groups to agitate on behalf of Sinn Fein on legacy matters and now we are seeing the same strategy deployed in relation to flags. 

It is not clear how the other parties duped by this Sinn Fein move feel after being roped into the supposedly non-political ‘rally’ in order to give cover- under the auspices of the ‘progressive’ pan-nationalist coalition- to Sinn Fein’s malicious targeting of Unionist culture. 

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