OPINION: Why would anyone support failure over and over again? By Cllr Andrew Girvin

Why would anyone support failure over and over again? 
Our health service is in melt down, there is a serious lack of housing with some unable to find any home while in other cases large families are squashed into one bedroom apartments and the Education and Skills Authority is having to make drastic cuts, our MLAs are still being paid to legislate while of course no Assembly is sitting much less an executive – meaning no legislation is happening.
We are where we are because of the farcical Belfast Agreement, it has delivered failure and will continue to deliver failure because it’s foundation was built on lies and deceit.  Maybe in this so called ‘progressive’ age, it’s time to rewrite the constitution and eradicate mandatory coalition so that Republicans cannot bring the government down when they want and cannot hold us to ransom.  We need the same opposition as we see in the other devolved regions which can offer the electorate the opportunity to have an alternative government at elections.
If we really want to see change, then maybe we have to dig deep and search our conscience and not vote for the same parties.
We need to keep our services operating, the only other answers are direct rule or real government and opposition.
Personally I’d like us to be giving to the UK as a region rather than Oliver Twist, continually out with the begging bowl asking for more.  We need to take Northern Ireland on to the world’s economic stage and start being a gross contributor to the U.K. rather than be seen as scrounger.
Cllr Andrew Girvin
Castlereagh East

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