NEWS: Sinn Fein fury over Harp beer promotion and Irish map while public services falter


Sinn Fein’s Niall O’Donnghaile took to social media over the weekend to voice his outrage that Harp had dared to run a promotion for the Northern Ireland match, whilst not running one for the Republic of Ireland match.

This comes hot on the heels of a two man Sinn Fein protest outside the Bank of Ireland over the withdrawal of Irish from ATMs in the Republic of Ireland.

Mr O’Donnghaile once again demanded Irish language ‘rights’, despite the fact there is no right to enforce minority cultural demands on the private, or indeed public sector.

Alongside the fury over a Harp beer promotion and withdrawal of unused Irish provision from Bank of Ireland ATMs there was also Sinn Fein outrage when RTE used a map of the Republic of Ireland, and did not include the separate sovereign jurisdiction of Northern Ireland.

To the amusement of many there was a Sinn Fein frenzy on social media complaining about these minor issues. Many have pointed to the fact that these were simply Sinn Fein diversionary tactics given their responsibility for increasing health waiting lists and cut-backs to public services due to their refusal to form a government unless their demands for cultural supremacy are met.

Alongside their demand for an Irish Language Act, Sinn Fein had made same-sex marriage a pre-condition to entering any Stormont Executive. For some time Sinn Fein demanded that Stormont legislate for the “right” to same-sex marriage for LGBT couples.

Sinn Fein have, however, moved away from this demand following a recent High Court ruling which made clear that there was no breach of human rights in not enacting a same-sex marriage and further made clear that same-sex marriage was not a “right”.

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