NEWS: Sinn Fein Cllr implies Jim McVeigh is flying his own kite


Sinn Fein Councillor Deirdre Hargey this morning appeared to suggest that her Belfast City Council party leader, Lurgan based convicted terrorist Jim McVeigh, was not representing the party position when he revealed that he wanted to end all bonfires.


Councillor Hargey, who was part of a republican protest hurling abuse at peaceful bandsmen on Friday night in Rasharkin, is a controversial figure due to withholding crucial information in relation to the brutal IRA murder of Robert McCartney in 2005.

The debate was in relation to Sinn Fein attempts to have a historic terrorist figure immortalised as a statue outside Belfast City Hall.

When Unionists highlighted that Sinn Fein’s real agenda was to firstly seek an equilibrium and then to advance towards cultural supremacy, and as such rid Northern Ireland of every aspect of Britishness, the Sinn Fein Councillor began to read of a pre-prepared script which denounced those challenging Sinn Fein’s real agenda, claiming that those exposing the truth were “scaremongering”.

When pressed on the issue Councillor Hargey continued to repeat her pre-prepared script. There was a clear change in the Belfast Councillor’s tone when she began to repeat her pre-prepared narrative again and again, making clear that she was not speaking naturally but rather in line with instructions that had been drilled into her by Stalinist Connolly House.

Councillor McVeigh has not made any public comment on his deputy’s implied assertion that his comments in relation to bonfires were not in line with Sinn Fein’s party policy.


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