VIDEO: Ghoulish video of children as young as 5 singing IRA songs 

A ghoulish video has emerged of Republican singer Damien Quinn leading a group of children- some as young as 5- in profanity-laden IRA songs. 

The video- published to YouTube on the 16 August 2017- shows Quinn leading the children in a pro-IRA song which celebrates his weekly terrorfest held in the Rock Bar on West Belfast’s Falls Road. 

The Rock Bar has previously been owned by prominent Sinn Fein supporter Gerry Carlile and Northern Ireland footballer Niall McGinn. 

The singing, which encourages children to join in the profanity laden words, has lyrics such as “we hate the Queen” and “f**k yer (sic) flag”. 

Quinn was listed to appear at a Belfast City Council funded ‘fanzone’ at the Devinish bar last month, before his pro-terrorist background was exposed on social media and then followed up by mainstream outlets. 

The sectarian video, which includes many young children wearing GAA tops, has caused shock and outrage. 

A second video has also emerged which shows children singing “oh ah up the Ra” at around 2.15 in the video, encouraged by their parents 

Perhaps most shocking is the number of parents joining in the pro-terror chanting and happily filming their kids chanting the hate-filled lyrics whilst dancing on chairs in a bar. 

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