WATCH: Help For Sophia’s Seizures- Emotional Video


The family of young Sophia Gibson has released an emotional video in an attempt to raise awareness of the horrendous suffering that their young girl continues to endure.

Sophia’s mother, Danielle, told Unionist Voice “It was a difficult decision to release some of the very personal and private footage of our daughter. But we felt it important to raise awareness of her condition and suffering.

” As a mother I am heart scared of someone on the internet making a nasty remark about our little girl. That would break my heart, as I am sure it would any parent.

“But I fundamentally believe, and have seen from the support our campaign has received from all sections of the community, that the majority of people are good and decent. I hope people watch the video and try and understand the nature of Sophia’s condition and the suffering she is going through.”

Sophia Gibson is 6 years old and from the Newtownards area. Sophia suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. This affects Sophia’s quality of life immensely causing her multiple types of seizures and has greatly affected her development.

None of Sophia’s medications are currently working for her, as Dravet syndrome is drug resistant and therefore each seizure has the potential to kill her.

The community of Newtownards and further afield has rallied around in a unique fundraising drive in order to raise much needed money to allow Sophia to travel abroad to get the treatment she so desperately needs.

This worthwhile cause has attracted widespread support and Sophia’s loving parents, Darren and Danielle, have campaigned tirelessly for the legalisation of the medication that they believe will help Sophia.

Young Sophia is a remarkably bright and happy child, despite the horrendous suffering she has endured due to her multiple seizures and rare condition. It is imperative that this young girl gets the treatment she needs in order that she can live a full and happy life and to experience all the joys of childhood.

We will be continuing to carry updates on the campaign to raise awareness of Sophia’s condition and to try and help the family raise funds for the treatment that she so desperately needs.

If you would like any further information or to donate to the Help For Sophia’s Seizures campaign then please so directly HERE


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