NAMED: The elected representatives on Belfast City Council waging war against Unionist culture


Unionist Voice has decided to look into some of the key figures behind the cultural war being carried out against the Unionist community by Belfast City Council.

  • The leader of the Sinn Fein group on Belfast City Council is Jim ‘flash’ McVeigh. Mr McVeigh served two prison sentences for IRA terrorist activity. He was co-opted onto Belfast City Council in 2010. It is understood that Mr McVeigh was placed into Belfast City Council, despite many senior people in Sinn Fein having concerns, as a ‘reward’ for his time in prison. He is known in the council chamber for thuggish and bullying behaviour and has regularly lost his temper in media interviews.


  • Seanna Walsh is a Sinn Fein Councillor and is one of the longest serving IRA terrorist prisoners. It was Mr Walsh that was chosen to read the IRA’s end game statement in 2007. He has a long history of violent terrorist offences and is known as a key figure amongst the republican terror movement.


  • JJ Magee was never an IRA soldier. His role in Sinn Fein is largely due to his family connections with senior IRA terrorists. He was exposed in a BBC Spotlight documentary as part of a large scale Sinn Fein financial scam, in which his business profited handsomely. Loyalists mockingly referred to Magee as ‘Picasso’, poking fun at the large amount of cash he made from painting as part of the Sinn Fein scam. He is largely restricted from media interviews by the party and is seen as inarticulate and unpredictable. His twitter account has been described as “embarrassing” by other social media users.


  • Deirdre Hargey is Jim McVeigh’s deputy on Belfast City Council. She was present on the evening of the IRA murder of Robert McCartney and has never provided the PSNI with information in relation to the brutal and callous murder.


  • Geraldine McAteer is a Sinn Fein member and long time IRA supporter. She caused controversy in 2016 when an Irish News story exposed the fact that she had remained on the discredited Social Investment Fund scheme as a ‘community representative’, even after taking elected office as a Sinn Fein Councillor.



  • Nuala McAllister is the current Lord Mayor of Belfast. A member of the Alliance party she consistently votes alongside Sinn Fein on social and cultural issues. One senior Unionist in Belfast City Hall has described how Ms McAllister appears to have a “problem with Unionists”.


  • Emmet McDonough-Brown is an Alliance party councillor. He has consistently backed Sinn Fein on cultural and social issues and has been a high profile opponent of all aspects of Unionist culture.


  • Michael Long is the Alliance party leader on Belfast City Council. He has been described by one Unionist as “notoriously difficult with work with”. As leader of the Alliance group on the Council Mr Long has been at the forefront of their increasingly clear partnership with Sinn Fein and the SDLP as part of a broad ‘progressive’ pan-Nationalist coalition.


  • Tim Attwood is a key thinker within the SDLP. He is known to make more nuanced and articulate arguments as part of the attacks on Unionist culture. Described as someone who has a unique ability to “make hatred of Unionism sound reasonable”.


Those named are some of the key figures behind the ‘progressive’ pan-Nationalist coalition currently waging war on every aspect of Unionist culture within Belfast City Hall.

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