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Policing and Justice

OPINION: Every genuine loyalist should take issue with a politically motivated ‘Task Force’

OPINION: Every genuine loyalist should take issue with a politically motivated ‘Task Force’

Every genuine loyalist should take issue with a politically contrived Task Force designed to fund ‘good loyalists’ and criminalise ‘bad loyalists’ The pursuit of individuals involved in crime is to be welcomed by all right thinking persons. We must all aspire to a society whereby the rule of law is upheld, and those that breach […]

NEWS: Republican ‘Time For Truth’ march in breach of legal notification requirements

Sunday’s ‘Time For Truth’ march, organised by Sinn Fein and their surrogates, has breached the law by a failure to properly notify the Parades Commission of an IRA band participating. In their application the group clearly duplicitously stated that there would no zero bands taking part, and as such no determination was issued on this basis. […]

EXPOSED: AAD being run by Storey’s nephew and using ‘clean’ PIRA glocks imported after the ceasefire

Action Against Drugs, a Provisional IRA cover group, are using weapons imported into Northern Ireland after the ceasefire by the IRA’s Northern commander, Sean ‘Spike’ Murray. This image of balaclava clad gunmen, which it is believed was captured by a so called ‘victims campaigner’ who apparently just happened to be passing the scene and stopped […]

NEWS: Campaign launched to encourage reporting of PSNI harassment of the loyalist community

NEWS: Campaign launched to encourage reporting of PSNI harassment of the loyalist community

There is growing anger amongst the loyalist community due to a huge increase in police harassment, and targeted stop and search operations, for which the PSNI have on many occasions been unable to provide the correct paperwork or explain the appropriate legislation. After a plethora of republican shootings and criminality, the PSNI have encamped themselves […]

NEWS: Partisan nature of Paramilitary Crime Task Force revealed

By Andrew Smyth The introductory purpose of the Paramilitary Crime Task Force, outlined in a statement carried on the National Crime Agency (NCA) website on 27 September 2017, outlines their objective as follows; “A multi-agency taskforce has been set up in Northern Ireland to protect communities by tackling all forms of criminality linked to paramilitarism. […]

REVEALED: How the judicial system was manipulated by nationalist activists #Loughinisland

Following Friday’s Loughinisland judgement it is important to understand how the legal system was manipulated via a coordinated social and mainstream media campaign, designed to create the very perception of bias that Barra McGrory QC would later argue existed. The entire scheme is revealed here, with a visual graph  at the bottom of this article […]

NEWS: Contrived nationalist ‘bias’ argument succeeds in an attempt to manipulate judicial system

Following the malicious and contrived targeting of a High Court judge by nationalist legacy activists and their surrogates, Mr Justice McCloskey has bowed to the despicable nationalist attempts to undermine the impartiality of the judicial system. The cause of genuine victims, who deserve truth and justice, has been hi-jacked by Sinn Fein and their activists […]

NEWS: Full text of complaint into Police Ombudsman revealed

Unionist Voice can today publish the full complaint made against the Police Ombudsman and reported in Saturday’s Irish News  The Department of Justice confirmed on Friday that they were investigating the complaint.     Ref; Complaint into Police Ombudsman- Dr Michael Maguire   Dear Sir/Madam,   I wish to register a complaint in relation to the […]

OPINION: Loughinisland case demonstrates the real legacy agenda and hypocrisy that runs through it

By Jamie Bryson Today’s Judgement in relation to the discredited Police Ombudsman report into the awful killings at Loughinisland in 1994, has been delayed. In a clear example of the growing coalition of legacy activists, from many professional fields, coming together for political purposes, Barra McGrory QC, the controversial former DPP, has emerged to represent the […]

Loughinisland Judgement- The key legacy battleground

Loughinisland Judgement- The key legacy  battleground

The legacy litigation battle reaches a key battleground in January, when former RUC officers will seek to have the widely discredited Police Ombudsman report into Loughinisland quashed. Loughinisland has been the focus of intense republican propaganda in 2017, with legacy litigators- some of whom are Sinn Fein campaigners- continuing to promote an overtly political agenda […]