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EXCLUSIVE: Loyalist Jim Spence speaks out to challenge republican ‘campaigning-journalism’ by the Sunday Life

EXCLUSIVE: Loyalist Jim Spence speaks out to challenge republican ‘campaigning-journalism’ by the Sunday Life  Jim Spence is a not someone who engages with the media or provides interviews, he is a private family man and seeks nothing more than to be permitted to enjoy the same right to privacy and a quiet life as every other citizen. However, after enduring malicious smear stories- spanning over a number of […]

AUDIO: The full unedited Jamie Bryson BBC interview

AUDIO: The full unedited Jamie Bryson BBC interview

Unionist Voice has obtained a full copy of the unedited interview with the BBC. The BBC argue that their tax-payer funded ‘investigation’, which included going to London to enlist a dubious ‘expert’ who on her own website boasts of tailoring her service to the “specific needs of those who come to her”. The ‘expert’ is […]

EDITORIAL: A momentous victory at Avoniel- Loyalism must harness that energy for the cultrual war

By Jamie Bryson- @JamieBrysonCPNI  The events at Avoniel over the past week attracted huge media interest across the United Kingdom, and further afield. Mainstream unionist politicians dipped their toe in at various points, but ultimately it was a victory won by the grassroots PUL community who stood in defiance of attempts to railroad the […]

EDITORIAL: PSNI must refuse to be used as political pawns by nationalist Belfast City Council

By Jamie Bryson @JamieBrysonCPNI There has been significant misrepresentation of events over recent days concerning bonfires in the east Belfast area. It appears a narrative has taken hold that loyalists in the East Belfast Cultural Collective were advocating the burning of tyres; nothing could be further from the truth. The group has been clear […]

A tribute to an Ulsterman- Farewell Willie Frazer

By Jamie Bryson-  @JamieBrysonCPNI  This short piece is little more than a basic attempt to pay tribute to one of the finest Ulstermen that ever lived, William Fredrick Frazer. I could write a fluffy piece, but Willie would not have appreciated that. If I had done so, he would likely have said to me […]

NEWS: New collective cultural group representing 13 loyalist bonfires launched in east Belfast

NEWS: New collective cultural group representing 13 loyalist bonfires launched in east Belfast

A new collective bonfire group has been launched in east Belfast. The East Belfast Cultural Collective will come under the umbrella of the East Belfast Community Initiative and act as an overarching advocacy group for all the bonfires who have joined the collective; A spokesperson said: “Our new group represents 13 bonfires in the east […]

The big challenge for Unionism: Fighting back within the social media kingdom of the liberal elite

By Jamie Bryson @JamieBrysonCPNI In Northern Ireland social media is saturated and completely dominated by so-called progressives and pro-EU activists. Given nationalism has hitched its wagon to social causes which identify with that broadly progressive/liberal movement and the attempts to stop Brexit, this gives as a social media sphere largely dominated by progressives and nationalists. […]

NEWS: Distraught family issue public statement following Sunday World article

The article appeared in today’s edition of the Sunday World newspaper. It made a number of false assertions not only about the recent death of Gary Matthews, but also about the death 5 years ago of a 16 year old child. The double page piece, headlined on the front page, sought to intrude into the […]

NEWS: EBCI blasts prejudicial and malicious article linking loyalists to Dublin crime gangs

  The East Belfast Community Initiative (EBCI) have released a statement in response to an article carried in today’s Sunday Life which made a range of baseless allegations about east Belfast loyalists and alleged criminal links to Dublin-based crime gangs. A spokesperson for EBCI told Unionist Voice: “Today’s article in the Sunday Life was the […]

NEWS: Highfield Rangers Supporters Club respond to “false and malicious” allegations printed by Sunday Life

The Highfield Rangers supporters club have reacted furiously to what they have branded a “false and malicious” article carried in today’s (07/04/19) edition of the Sunday Life. The publication carried a range of anonymous allegations pertaining to their well run and respected social club. These allegations largely appeared to be directed towards two well-known loyalists […]

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